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Q&A with Norie Sato | 2013 Twining Humber Award

Artist Trust

Q: What kind of art do you make?
A: I mostly make public art, or art for civic, university, infrastructure, airports, transit type spaces.
Q: What did you use your award for?
A: I was thrilled to receive the award at an especially timely moment when I was building a new studio. The award was used initially for the lighting for the studio and the bathroom.
Q: What was the impact of this award/Artist Trust on your art career/life?
A: It is such an affirmation of the work I have been doing and an artists needs fellowship/awards throughout their career. And the Twining Humber definitely rewards the long haul. I joined a “sisterhood” of amazing artists and there is a special bond when I see any previous (and subsequent) award winners.

Norie Sato is an artist living in Seattle. Her artwork for public contexts is derived from site and context-driven ideas. Her practice also includes works for galleries, museums and other installations. She strives to add meaning and human touch to the built environment and considers edges, transitions, and connections as important as the center. Her projects are located around the country, including for the San Diego International Airport Reflection Room; San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2; Arabian Library and McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center, both in Scottsdale; Miami International Airport; the Seattle Justice Center; Iowa State University’s Hach Chemistry Building; Salt Lake City Light Rail; the new Port of Portland Headquarters; and University of Wisconsin/Madison’s new Biochemistry Building, Current projects include mosaics for Ft. Worth’s new Chisholm Trail Parkway and an artwork for the Union St. East-West Connector for Seattle’s waterfront. She works in sculpture and 2-dimensional work, and in various media including glass, metal, terrazzo floors, integrated design work, landscape, video and light. She is a former member of the Public Art Network Council and former commissioner of the Seattle Design Commission.

Source: Artist’s website