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Smart Philanthropy

Robert E. Frey

Founder, Lakeside Advisors, Inc.

Artist Trust is excited to announce a special challenge match for donations in support of our programs for individual artists, now through November 30, with a special emphasis on Stock and Securities donations to raise the awareness of such gifting. The $25,000 challenge gift is made by Robert E. Frey of Lakeside Advisors, Inc. to educate about this form of smart philanthropy.  Of course, all this education should not stop one from simply writing a check or using a credit card.

When you donate appreciated securities held more than a year, you receive the same income tax savings that you would if you wrote us a check, but with the added benefit of eliminating capital gains taxes on the transfer, which can be as high as 20 percent. Making a gift of securities to support our mission is as easy as instructing your broker to transfer the shares or, if you have the physical securities, hand-delivering or mailing the certificates.

Already one lead anonymous donor has pledged a donation of appreciated stock of at least $2,500 to help us meet the $25,000 challenge. 

For years, one carefully invests and watches their savings grow.  What took a lifetime to build can be instantly reduced by capital gains tax when appreciated assets are sold.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Rather than selling shares, gift them to Artist Trust.  There are no taxes to pay coupled with the charitable gift.  Benefits include:

• AVOIDING capital gains taxes of 20% or more.
• RECEIVING an income tax deduction for the full amount of the gift.
• MAKING a meaningful gift with no cash out-of-pocket.
• CAPTURING the value of shares and end worry of market ups and downs.
• PUTTING your gift to work right away for the causes you care about most.

To gift appreciated assets, first ask for our instruction page.  This can then be passed along to your brokerage firm if the securities are held in book entry (electronic) form.  Your goal will be to deliver the securities to Artist Trust, where we will sell them.  If you own mutual funds or securities which may be in the form of paper certificates, please call for a special consultation.

Financial Planner Robert Frey and Development Director Kristina Goetz stand ready to assist you with this and other forms of Smart Philanthropy.

All gifts through November 30th will count towards our $25,000 matching challenge.