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Special Thanks to our GAP Sponsors

Annie Holden

Communications Manager

Since 1987, Artist Trust has given small grants to Washington State emerging and established artists, to help them thrive in their artistic practice.

GAP is one of Artist Trust’s flagship awards, beginning with the first GAP awards in 1987, they have supported some of the best emerging and established artists in Washington State over the last 29 years. Since 1988, Artist Trust’s Grants for Artist Projects program has provided artist support for development, completion or presentation of new work, art supplies, studio rental, research travel, etc. It is Artist Trust’s continued investment in supporting and encouraging individual artist projects in all disciplines that enrich community life throughout Washington State.

In 2016, the 61 artists were selected by 12 panelists over 4 days. The panelists came from all over Washington State, and come from Performing, Visual, Literary, and Media Arts disciplines. View all the award winners here.

Artist Trust wants to thank all who make the GAP grant possible:

  GAP is made possible by generous donors who support Artist Trust at $1,500 per year and above including: Christine and Itamar Abrass, Eve and Chap Alvord, Nancy D. Alvord, Joan Alworth and Peter Ackroyd, Anonymous, Perry and Christine Atkins, Shari and John Behnke, Greg and Ronna Bell, Jeff and Sheila Bryan, Cliff Burrows, Nancy Carrs Roach and Tom Roach, Michael and Cathy Casteel, Nancy Chang and Markham Lee, Susan Christian, Juli Cook, Dr. & Mrs. David & Jane Davis, Stephanie Ellis-Smith and Doug Smith, Alison and Donald Farmer, Richard Freedman*, Bruce Funkhouser and Michelle Friars, Helen Gamble, Cezanne Garcia and David Grossman, Katharyn Alvord Gerlich, Karen Guzak and Warner Blake, Shannon and John Halberstadt, Mark Haley and Michaela Clancy, The Estate of Yveline Harvey, Phyllis Hatfield, Lynn Hubbard and David Zapolsky, Hyde Family Foundation, Catherine and Brent Johnson, Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom, Gar and Barbara LaSalle, Christopher and Alida Latham, Marge Levy and Larry Lancaster, Leonard Lewicki, James and Christina Lockwood, Karen Lorene and Don Bell, Quinton Morris, Kirsten Murray and Tim Griffith, Linda Nordstrom, Cathy Sarkowsky, Pablo Schugurensky and Renata Tatman, Mary E. Snapp and Spencer Frazer, Paula Stokes and John Sullivan, David and Nancy Thacher, Tanya Trejo and Keane Watterson, Robert and Betty Tull, Lorraine W. Vagner, Edward and Cecilia Whatley, The Estate of Elizabeth Ann Widditsch, Rick Workman, and The Wright Family: Merrill, Charlie, and Virginia.

  Artist Trust is also honored to present a 2016 GAP award in memory of artist Jennifer Smith, supported by her friends and family. Artist Trust’s institutional and corporate partners include 4Culture,, Inc., Arakawa Foundation, ArtsWA, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Inc., Florence B. Kilworth Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation, Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation, Klorfine Foundation, Lowe II Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, NBBJ, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Seattle Art Dealers Association*, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, The Boeing Company, and Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions.

For more information about supporting Artist Trust contact