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Terry Hunt on his 2010 Artist Trust/Centrum Residency

Terry Hunt

2010 Centrum Residency recipient

photo: Molly J. Hunt

As part of our Grants for Artist Projects, Artist Trust partners with Centrum, a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers, to provide two artist residencies. Artists are allowed time, space and facilities to rest, contemplate and create; all while nestled in the magical setting of Centrum, located in historic Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. The Artist Trust/Centrum Residency is supported in part by Centrum’s Russell Jaqua Award for Artistic Excellence. Following is a report from Terry Hunt, 2010 recipient of the Artist Trust/Centrum Residency.

This time opened my eyes to the possibilities and difficulties of working in solitude without distractions. At home there are always excuses for not being productive, but somehow the work gets done. There is a tendency to think, “If only I had more time and fewer distractions, then I could really achieve greatness.” Arriving at Centrum and having a full month without any commitments, distractions or excuses was a dream come true, but soon my inner voice started to express doubts about what could be accomplished there. “What if nothing gets done or my work isn’t worthy?”

After a few days I settled into a work flow that included relaxing walks on the beach, reading, and enjoying the cafes and bookstores in Port Townsend. I realized that a lot of the creative process happens during the breaks from work, while the sub-conscious mind continues developing ideas under the surface. I know this is common knowledge to most artists, but I really experienced it first-hand at Centrum. When I allowed myself the luxury of enjoying the freedom afforded me by the residency, my work started to sprout and grow naturally. The residency gave me time to work and relax, without the usual distractions of daily life at home. It got a bit lonely at times, but the staff at Centrum was always very helpful, friendly and accommodating. They made me feel welcome, and encouraged me to use my time however I saw fit.

Memories of my time at Centrum will always be filled with happiness, warm thoughts, inspiration and motivation that help me to continue to strive towards the creation of important music and art. I now have several completed works thanks to Centrum and Artist Trust and I look forward to seeing these performed in the coming season.