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Thank You 2017 GAP Donors!

Cristina Friday

Foundation & Corporate Relations Manager

Artist Trust has a community of generous donors and sponsors who support our Grants for Artist Projects with gifts at $1,500 per year and above. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who made the 2017 GAP Award possible.

Individual supporters include: 

Christine and Itamar Abrass
Nancy D. Alvord
Shelley and Phil Anderson
Perry and Christine Atkins
Shari and John Behnke
Greg and Ronna Bell
Don Bell and Karen Lorene
Sharon and Craig Campbell
Chris Carlson
Michael and Cathy Casteel
Katie Creyts
Stephanie Ellis-Smith and Doug Smith
Alison and Donald Farmer
Robert E. Frey
Bruce Funkhouser and Michelle Friars
Helen Gamble
Katharyn Alvord Gerlich
Pat Haase
Phyllis Hatfield
Heather J. Helbach-Olds and Matthew Olds
Mitchell Karton and Ann Gardner
Leonard and Norma Klorfine
Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom
Kevin and Motomi Kudo-King
Michael Lane and Paul D. McKee
Gar and Barbara LaSalle
Diane Lasko and Clint Diener
Christopher and Alida Latham
Marge Levy and Larry Lancaster
Leonard Lewicki
Chris Lutz
Quinton Morris and Thomas Grant
Byron and Phillis Olson
Mark Olthoff and Brett Arrington
Judy Pigott
Pablo Schugurensky and Renata Tatman
Jon Shirley and Kimberly A. Richter
Mary E. Snapp and Spencer Frazer
Sarah Traver and Charlie Rush
Tanya Trejo
Robert and Betty Tull
Lorraine W. Vagner
Susan and Kenneth Wagner
Brenda Walker
Bryan Webster

Artist Trust also thanks the Amazon Literary Partnership, NBBJ, and Seattle Art Dealers Association for their support of GAP through Artist Trust’s Corporate Partnership Program. Artist Trust’s annual institutional and corporate partners include 4Culture, ArtsFund, ArtsWA, Baker Boyer Community Bank, The Boeing Company, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Florence B. Kilworth Foundation, Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation, Klorfine Foundation, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, The Sequoia Foundation, Suquamish Foundation, and Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions.

For more information about supporting Artist Trust, contact Kristina Goetz at

View the full 2017 GAP Award press release here.