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Artist Trust launches the Jini Dellaccio Project

Annie Holden

Communications Manager

©Sarah Cavanaugh

The Jini Dellaccio Project, a fiscally-sponsored project of Artist Trust, focuses on the potential roles that artists and others can play as they inhabit the mostly undefined stage of life beyond “retirement.” The project complements Artist Trust’s existing program on artists’ legacy and estate planning, but rather than being focused on artists’ property (tangible, intellectual, financial), the Jini Dellaccio Project emphasizes the living person in their upper decades. It explores ways to enhance their ability to continue as engaged, contributing members of the community while they’re still alive.

The project celebrates the spirit of photographer Jini Dellaccio, who created a life in her own way and whose curiosity, engagement with others, and work ethic continued into her tenth decade. It is being developed by Anne Focke over the next three years. Twice a month, Anne will host “office hours” at Artist Trust, open to anyone by signing up or dropping-in, where she welcomes people to use her as a sounding board, pick her brain, or try out new ideas. As part of the project, she also plans to host group conversations in collaboration with Artist Trust and others, from individual artists to Town Hall and the University of Washington School of Art+Art History+Design. The project will also be regularly shared with the community through a website of writings. More detail about the project can be found on the website in this introduction and this description

Office hours will be 2-5 pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. Sign up by selecting a slot here: