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Voice of Art: Jeff Leisawitz

Sheila Siden

Director of Development

quote: Jeff Bender, Writer; design: Minh Nguyen

The unique voice of an artist informs his or her creative output in ways that are at once mysterious and revealing. We value artists’ opinions and beliefs because they make us think about ideas and subjects that are often beautiful, profound and, at times, challenging. These voices come from visual artists, musicians, dancers and poets, but in a larger sense they are the critics and ethnographers of our culture. The storytellers. Without their voices, we as a community are much poorer.

In Voice of Art, Jeff Leisawitz of Electron Love Theory explores the artist’s voice while creating a new original composition. Listen to his captivating interviews with four Washington artists on living an artist’s life… set to electronic music.

Jeff made this piece in the spirit of support for our 2013 Benefit Art Auction theme: Voice. Many thanks to Jeff, and to all of the artists that participated in surveys and interviews in exploration of the artist’s voice.