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Congratulations to Rafael Soldi for Receiving the Final Jini Dellaccio GAP!

Sofia Babaeva

Communications Intern

Rafael Soldi, UntitledXXIV, 2013.

2016 marks the last year of the Jini Dellaccio Grant for Artists Projects, the named award supported by the Jini Dellaccio Fund. The late Jini Dellaccio captured the Northwest rock ‘n’ roll scene with her distinctive photography, and in turn, the award is in recognition of an outstanding photographer.

We’re proud to announce Rafael Soldi as the final recipient of this prestigious award. Rafael Soldi is a Peruvian-born, Seattle-based photographer and curator. He holds a BFA in Photography & Curatorial Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has exhibited internationally at the Frye Art Museum, American University Museum, Griffin Museum of Photography, and the Greg Kucera Gallery, among others. He is currently participating in the photographic residency PICTURE BERLIN, which was funded in part by his GAP award.

“I remember Jini very fondly as one of my favorite experiences in my 5-year tenure there and keep the book she signed for me at my house. I’m honored to be selected for this award. Please extend my gratitude to the Jini Dellaccio Fund, as I write this from Berlin, where I am currently in the heat of the artist residency they helped to fund.”            -Rafael Soldi

Previous recipients of this prestigious award include:
Molly Epstein
Jennifer Zwick
Daniel A Carrillo
Anna Mia Davidson
Sumi Tonooka
Jeff Ferguson

Artist Trust is pleased to announce that going forward, the Jini Dellaccio Fund will help support the Jini Dellaccio Project, which focuses on the potential roles that artists and others can play as they inhabit the mostly undefined stage of life beyond “retirement”. The project is spearheaded by Anne Focke, who will continue to develop the program in the coming years.

You can more of Rafael’s work on the artist’s website