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Artist Trust Announces the 2010 Arts Innovator Award Recipients

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On October 6, Artist Trust, a Washington State nonprofit arts organization, announced and celebrated the two recipients of the 2010 Arts Innovator Award at a reception at the Chihuly Boathouse in Seattle. This is the inaugural year of the $25,000 award, now the largest grant available to individual artists in Washington State. Supported by The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation, the Arts Innovator Award is given annually to two Washington State artists, working in any discipline, who demonstrate innovation in their art practice by originating new work, experimenting with new ideas, taking risks, and pushing the boundaries in their respective fields.

Artist Trust is pleased to announce the two recipients of the 2010 Arts Innovator Award:

Leo Berk creates works relating to real and depicted or imagined space using diverse materials in contemporary industrial processes, including computer modeled and fabricated artworks. Berk has used this technology extensively including exploring Naj Tunich, an ancient cave in Guatemala, and the Quecreek Mine in Pennsylvania. Through his innovative use of technology, Berk is able to create works of art depicting the negative space of these caves. Berk has spent six years learning to use this technology, effectively making it an extension of his own hand and expanding his vocabulary. He is represented by Lawrimore Project.

Margie Livingston, an accomplished painter, explores the physicality of paint. Using it as a sculptural medium, she creates works that straddle two disciplines. Using acrylic paint, Livingston pours and layers pigment to create her own unique three-dimensional material. She then uses this material to create sculptural works of art that reveal an intimate relationship with her medium. Livingston is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery.

Congratulations to these two worthy recipients for receiving this award and for their steadfast perseverance in forging new paths in their art practice.

“Grants had a pivotal impact on my career in the early years. It is a privilege to be able to provide these grants, and through them, Leslie and I hope to make a significant impact on the careers of innovative artists in Washington State.” —Dale Chihuly

“The panel review process reaffirmed our confidence in the continued quality and ingenuity pursued by our Washington State artists. Although the review was highly competitive with numerous serious considerations, we are inspired and thrilled with the two exceptional award winners.” —Beth Sellars, Panelist

A moderated panel on the nature of innovation in art is scheduled for November (date and location to be announced), including members of the selection panel and the award recipients.

More information about the Arts Innovator Award, including the nomination and application process plus a list of panelists and finalists, can be found at

The awards celebration at the Chihuly Boathouse was as much a celebration of the recipients as it was an evening to show appreciation for the generosity of The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation. Artist Trust is proud of its partnership with the Chihuly Foundation in the establishment of the Arts Innovator Award, as the award speaks volumes to both of the organizations’ missions.

The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation’s mission is to inspire and educate the public regarding all forms of art, and to provide support to artists and arts organizations.

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