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Artist Trust Invests $89,660 in 62 Washington State Artists

For Immediate Release:

Artist Trust, a Washington state nonprofit arts organization, will award $89,660 in artist grants to 62 recipients of the 2012 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP). The GAP Program provides up to $1,500 to individual artists for projects in all artistic disciplines.

Since 1988 the GAP program has provided support for artist-generated projects, which can include the development, completion or presentation of new work. GAPs are open to artists of all disciplines and offer a maximum of $1,500 for projects. Among this year’s projects are: funds to complete a libretto; time to adopt a novel into a new play; transcription and translation fees; new photo equipment and classes; and travel funds for artistic research. The sum result is a repeated and consistent investment to support and encourage individual artists’ projects of all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State.

The GAP Program also includes residency awards made possible by Artist Trust’s partnership with Centrum, a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from around the world, located at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA, and with Photo Center Northwest, located in Seattle. Photo Center Northwest provides its students and the community resources that include gallery spaces, darkrooms, studios, a digital lab and library.

This year’s GAP recipients were selected by review panels made up of artists, past Artist Trust grant recipients, and arts professionals from across Washington State (a complete list of 2012 recipients and panelists is below). The foremost criterion for selection is the artistic excellence of an applicant’s artwork. Panelists are also asked to respond to an applicant’s project proposal and the feasibility of their project. Selection panels rotate annually. GAP recipients and their projects are featured on Artist Trust’s website:

In 2012, Artist Trust will award over $280,000 to 102 artists through our five grant programs and direct support. An Awards Party honoring all the 2012 recipients of the Grants for Artist Projects, Arts Innovator Awards, Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, Fellowships, and the Conductive Garboil Grant (in partnership with 4Culture), will take place at Experience Music Project in Seattle on November 1, 2012.

603 Applicants – 62 Recipients

Brandon Abood – King County
Christopher Arigo – Whitman County
Jeff Bender – King County
Peter Borrebach – King County
Wendy Call – King County
Natasha Marin – King County
Simeon Mills – Spokane County
Emily Perez – King County
Anna Vodicka – Spokane County
Elissa Washuta – King County
Charlotte Sherman* – King County

Mike Attie – King County
Robert Campbell – King County
Tess Martin – King County
Heather Dew Oaksen – King County
Jessica Plumb – Jefferson County
Danielle Villegas* – King County

Rachel Atkins – King County
Rosalynn De Roos – King County
Oksana Ezhokina – Pierce County
Allie Hankins – King County
Pam Kuntz – Whatcom County
Ruth Mar – King County
Jason Parker – King County
Monica Rojas – King County
Deborah Singer – Clark County
Ann Teplick – King County

Julie Alpert – King County
Debra Baxter – King County
Saul Becker – King County
Deanne Belinoff – King County
Zack Bent – King County
Susanna Bluhm – King County
Beth Cavener Stichter – Whitman County
MalPina Chan – Thurston County
Celeste Cooning – King County
Laura Castellanos – King County
Ana Mia Davidson – King County
Tory Franklin – King County
Lauren Greathouse** – King County
Gail Grinnell – King County
Kevin Haas – Whitman County
Julia Harrison – King County
Jesse Higman – King County
Chris Hopkins – King County
Tom Hughes – King County
Tessa Hulls – King County
Etsuko Ichikawa – King County
Mary Iverson – King County
Paul Komada – King County
Kirk Lang – King County
Susie Lee – King County
Margie Livingston – King County
Dorothy McGuinness – Snohomish County
Sue Roberts – Skagit County
Paul Rucker – King County
Polly Sutton – King County
Travis Scott – King County
Dane Youngren – Snohomish County
Ben Zamora – King County
Ellen Ziegler – King County

*Centrum Residency Recipients
**Photo Center Northwest Residency Recipient


Zan Agzigian – Spokane County
Sara Brickman – King County
Larissa Min – King County
Shawn Vestal – Spokane County
Natasha Moni – Kitsap

Ruth Hayes – Thurston County
Rodrigo Valenzuela – King County
Zia Mohajerjasbi – King County

Steve Peters – King County
Tyrone Brown – King County
Jeremy Steward – King County

Susan Joyce – Pierce County
Lauren Davis – King County
Carl Richardson – Spokane County
John Feodorov – King County
Tania Gonzalez-Ortega – Okanogan County


For the 2012 Grants for Artist Projects, we are most grateful for contributions from the following individuals who donated at the $1,500 level and above by September 30, 2012:

Eve and Chap Alvord, Nancy D. Alvord, Joan Alworth and Peter Ackroyd, Harry and Merrily Applewhite, Shari and John Behnke, Greg and Ronna Bell, Susan and Scot Bradley, Paul and Debbi Brainerd, Joan Broughton, Michael and Cathy Casteel, Toni Clayton and Pam Lindgren, Alice Cunningham and Blair Osborn, The Daley-Watson family, Dr. & Mrs. David & Jane Davis, Stephanie and Jon DeVaan, Anne Devereux and David Mills, Susan Ephron and Randy Daniels, Robert E. Frey, Helen Gamble, Katharyn Alvord Gerlich, Mark Haley and Michaela Clancy, Joyce Halldorson and Greg Herron, Phyllis Hatfield, Kyle Johnson and Judith Kindler, Leonard and Norma Klorfine, Kevin and Motomi Kudo-King, Karen Lorene and Don Bell, Roger and Nancy MacPherson, Alison and Glen Milliman, Claire Molesworth, Nance Myers, Nancy Nordhoff and Lynn Hays, Linda and Jerry Paros, Margit and Ben Rankin, William Rava and Sara Morris, Linden Rhoads, Larry and Jean Rohrschneider, Rosita and Oscar Romero, Gladys Rubinstein, Pablo Schugurensky and Renata Tatman, Charyl Kay and Earl Sedlik, Jon and Mary Shirley, Catherine Eaton Skinner and David Skinner, Mel and Barbara Smith, Mary E. Snapp and Spencer Frazer, Sarah Traver, Bill and Ruth True, Lorraine W. Vagner, Merrill Wagner and Bob Ryman, Susan and Kenneth Wagner, Randy White and Melinda Luke-White, Keith and Elizabeth Workman, H.S. Wright III and Kate Janeway

Artist Trust salutes our funding partners that support the 2012 Grants for Artist Projects program: Centrum, The Boeing Company, Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery, Florence B. Kilworth Foundation, Hotel Max, SAFECO Insurance, Seattle Art Dealers Association, Vulcan Inc.

Grants for Artist Projects for literary artists made possible in part through the generous support of

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, Artist Trust has invested over $9 million in Washington State artists since its founding. Artist Trust also provides a comprehensive suite of career training, professional development resources and counseling to help artists achieve their career goals.

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Artist Trust is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Since its founding in 1986, Artist Trust has invested over $10 million in individual artists through grant programs, and provides a comprehensive suite of professional development training and resources to help artists achieve their career goals. Learn more at