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Artist Trust invests $91,000 in 61 artist projects across Washington State

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  Artist Trust invests $91,000 in 61 artist projects across Washington State

  Announcing the winners of the 2016 Grant for Artist Projects (GAP) awards

  Artist Trust   is proud to announce $91,000 in awards to 61 Washington State artists working in literary, media, performing, and visual arts. The organization’s annual   Grants for Artists Projects (GAP) supports individual artists in the development, presentation, and completion of their work.


        “So many artists, myself included, put their hearts, their time, and their money into their work with no expectation of a return on this investment,”   said 2016 GAP recipient Satpreet Kahlon“The money from GAP will help me fund larger, more ambitious work that is close to my heart without financial stress.”

  Beginning in 1988, GAP is one of Artist Trust’s flagship grantmaking programs. Of the sixty-one artists funded, 59 receive $1,500 awards, one receives a   $2,000 Seattle Art Dealers Association award (SADA), and one is selected for a month-long residency at   Centrum, the artist retreat in Port Townsend, and receives a $500 stipend. Additionally, three of the 61 are selected for performances as part of Nights at the Neptune, part of a brand-new partnership between Artist Trust and Seattle Theatre Group. Spokane-based poetBrooke Matson received the Centrum residency,  Romson Bustillo received the SADA, and King County performing artists Amontaine Aurore,Jade Solomon Curtis and filmmaker   Sarah Samudre were selected for Nights at the   Neptune. Four discipline-specific, peer-review panels comprised of artists and arts administrators from around the state selected the awardees based on   criteria such as artistic excellence, impact, and feasibility.

  In 2016, there were 397 applicants. Of the 61 recipients, 58 were first-time awardees. Artists of color received 49% of the awards, the largest percentage in GAP’s 28-year history. This increase reflects Artist Trust’s commitment to racial equity in its new three-yearstrategic plan, which included a   racial equity framework guiding the organization’s direction. The number of recipients from   Spokane, where Artist Trust launched a satellite program in the last year, more than doubled - from 2 applicants in 2015 to 5 this year, with applications   from the Spokane area increasing by 45%. Overall, 27% of awardees were from outside of King County.

Projects funded through GAP in 2016 include Tacoma artist   Lisa Kinoshita’s “The West,” an exhibit of   photography, sculpture, and installation by Lisa and Seattle artist Susan Surface exploring the experience of Japanese immigrants and takes place at SOIL Gallery in 2017; Bellingham-based writer   Casandra Lopez’s “A Few Notes on Grief,” a book-length project about grief, violence, and love from an Indigenous perspective; and Seattle-based performing artist   Peter Donnelly’s “hooked up,” a solo show about   gay hook-up culture debuting at Velocity Dance Center in 2017.

  GAP is made possible by generous donors who support Artist Trust at $1,500 per year and above, and this year we want to especially thank the memory of artist Jennifer Smith, and the Seattle Art Dealers Association. Visit our   blog here to see the complete list of individuals and   organizations that make this grant possible.

  The full list of GAP recipients is below, along with the list of 12 panelists that selected this year’s winners. The GAP recipient’s biographies, work, and   project descriptions can be found on our website.

  2016 GAP Recipients




              Sandra Ayala          

              Amontaine Aurore‡          

              Jennifer Lawrence Bennett          

              Yadesa Bojia          

              Jean Burnet          

              Zachary Burns          

              Romson Bustillo*          

              Meg Callahan          

              Ian Campbell          

              Therese Casper          

              Blake Chamberlain          

              Timothy Cross          

              Jade Solomon Curtis‡          

              Ezra Dickinson          

              Peter Donnelly          

              Ryan Feddersen          

              Noel Franklin          

              Julie Gautier-Downes          

              Calvin Gimpelevich          

              Rachel Gourd          

              Nicole Hardina          

              Coby Hoffman          

              Evan Horback          

              Lauren Iida          

              Satpreet Kahlon          

              Kamla Kakaria          

              Steph Kesey          

              Lisa Kinoshita          

              Amanda Kirkhuff          

              Angela Kiser          

              Melissa Koch          

              Tia Kramer          

              Michele Landsaat          

              Sofia Lee          

              Lisa Liedgren          

              Deirdre Lockwood          

              Casandra Lopez          

              Brooke Matson†          

              Madeline McNeill          

              Taiji Miyasaka          

              David Jaewon Oh          

              D.K. Pan          

              Isabella Price          

              Katherine Pryor          

              Alana Rogers          

              Sarah Rosenblatt          

              Sarah Samudre‡          

              Tay Sanders          

              Imani Sims          

              Rafael Soldi          

              ilvs strauss          

              Lynda Swenson          

              Qin Tan          

              Miss TANGQ          

              Polina Tereshina          

              Rustin Thompson          

              David Tucker          

              Ellen Welcker          

              Bryan Willis          

              Matthew Young          


  †Centrum Residency

  ‡Artist Trust / STG Nights at the Neptune partnership


  2016 GAP Selection Panelists


              Visual Arts                        

              Lindsey Rae Gjording          

              Asia Tail          

              Tariqa Waters          

              Literary Arts          

              Melissa Huggins          

              Natasha Marin          

              Ramon Campos          

              Performing Arts          

              Lulu Carpenter          

              Kareem Kandi          

              Hannah Simmons          

              Media Arts          

              Tay Siang Hui          

              Ginelle Hustrulid          

              Naima Lowe          

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