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Artist Trust Invests $91,000 in 62 Washington State Artists

For Immediate Release:

Artist Trust, a Washington State nonprofit organization, is pleased to announce the 62 recipients of the 2011 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP). The GAP Program provides up to $1,500 to individual artists for projects in all artistic disciplines. $91,000 will be awarded through the Grants for Artist Projects program. The total awarded to artists in the month of October is $146,000, including the 2011 Arts Innovator Awards announced last week.

Since 1988 the GAP program has provided support for artist-generated projects, which can include the development, completion or presentation of new work. Among this year’s projects are: time to complete a poetry manuscript; assistance in finishing a short film; travel for a residency in Portugal; recording of a new experimental music composition; and time to work on a multi-media story-telling project about the work of a master Lummi Tribe carver. The sum result is a repeated and consistent investment to support and encourage individual artists’ projects working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State.

The GAP Program includes two artist residency awards made possible by Artist Trust’s partnership with Centrum, a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from around the world, located at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. Recipients receive private accommodations; access to studios and resources and up to four weeks at Centrum.

“The GAP Residency affords me both a unique and scarce creative opportunity; one which will allow me to rigorously write, edit and re-imagine a new work. All in an environment created solely with me and other artists in mind.”  —Chad Goller-Sojourner, 2011 Artist Trust/Centrum Residency Recipient

This year’s GAP recipients were selected by review panels made up of artists, past Artist Trust grant recipients, and arts professionals from across Washington State (a complete list of 2011 recipients and panelists is below). The foremost criterion for selection is the artistic excellence of an applicant’s artwork. Panelists are also asked to respond to an applicant’s project proposal and the feasibility of their project. Selection panels rotate annually. GAP recipients and their projects are featured here Artist Trust’s website.

In 2011, Artist Trust awarded a grand total of $284,000 to 85 artists through its five grant programs. In addition to grant making, Artist Trust provides a comprehensive suite of career training, professional development resources and counseling to help artists achieve their career goals. Artist Trust has invested over $9 million dollars in Washington State artists since its founding in 1987.

An awards ceremony honoring all the 2011 recipients of the Grants for Artist Projects, Arts Innovator Awards, Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, Fellowships, and the Conductive Garboil Grant (in partnership with 4Culture), will take place at Fred Wildlife Refuge in Seattle on November 11, 2011.


608 Applicants – 62 Recipients

Chelsea Bolan
Alice Derry
Kathleen Flenniken
Paullette Gaudet
Meron Hadero
Luke Johnson
Jourdan Imani Keith
Bharti Kirchner
Carol Light
Paul Michel
Mark Nassutti
Katrina Roberts

Scott Bailey
Lauren Klenow*
Justin Mata
KT Niehoff
C. Andrew Rohrmann

Paige Barnes
Emily Conbere
Emily Doolittle
Chad Goller-Sojourner*
Pauline Hillaire
Jessika Kenney
Paul Kikuchi
Leah Mann
Steve Peters
Terry Podgorksi
Wally Shoup

Renee Adams
Garth Amundson/Pierre Gour
Rick Araluce
Stephanie Ashby
Brian Benfer
Gala Bent
Jean Bradbury
Cris Bruch
Christopher Buening
Daniel Carrillo
Eve Cohen
Justin Colt Beckman
Nathan DiPietro
Jocob Foran
David Franklin
Mandy Greer
Karen Hackenberg
Jean Hicks
Jonathan Horn
Jason Huff
Isaac Layman
Katherine Lewis
Saya Moriyasu
Marlin Peterson
Anne Petty
Tivon Rice
Patricia Ridenour
Susan Robb
Stephen Robison
George Rodriguez
Karen Rudd
Bryan Schoneman
Glenn Tramantano
Mimi Williams

*Centrum Residency Recipients


Peter Bacho ~ Thurston County
Jeff Crandall ~ King County
Charles Mudede ~ King County
Gail Tremblay ~ Thurston County

Luke Barmgarten ~ Spokane County
Michelle Forsyth ~ Whitman County
Eric Ostrowski ~ King County

Byron Au Yong ~ King County
Bill Horist ~ King County
Tikka Sears ~ King County

Ginger Ewing ~ Spokane County
Jeff Ferguson ~ Spokane County
Esther Luttikhuizen ~ King County
Sybil Macapia ~ Okanogan County
Reis Neimi ~ Skagit County


Artist Trust’s investment in artists throughout Washington is possible because of the generosity of individual and institutional supporters who contribute generously throughout the year, our Benefit Art Auction sponsors and all who support art at its source through gifts to the annual fund.

For the 2011 Grants for Artist Projects, we are most grateful for contributions from the following individuals who donated at the $1,500 level and above by September 30, 2011:

Eve and Chap Alvord, Nancy Alvord, Joan Alworth and Peter Ackroyd, Harry and Merrily Applewhite, Shari and John Behnke, Greg Bell, Susan and Scot Bradley, Paul and Debbi Brainerd, Sharon and Craig Campbell, Michael and Cathy Casteel, Margaret Czeisler and Trevor Schraufnagel, Stephanie and Christopher Daley-Watson, Dr. and Mrs. David Davis, Carole d’Inverno and Bill Frissell, Emer Dooley and Rob Short, Susan and Lonnie Edelheit, Susan Ephron and Randy Daniels, Britt Ericson and Jonathan Morley, Donald and Alison Farmer, Ellen Ferguson, Robert E. Frey, Janet and Edward Galore, Helen Gamble, Katharyn Alvord Gerlich, Mark Haley and Michaela Clancy, Joyce Halldorson and Greg Herron, Kyle Johnson and Judith Kindler, David Kersey, Kurt Kiefer and Mary Williamson, Kristian Kofoed, Leonard and Norma Klorfine, Jennifer McCausland, Kevin and Motomi Kudo-King, Christopher and Alida Latham, Marjorie Levy and Larry Lancaster, Karen Lorene and Don Bell, Jeffrey Miller and Tracey Fugami, Claire Molesworth, Nance Myers and Jen Stock, Linda and Jerry Paros, Pedro and Wanda Pelayo, Ana M. Pinto da Silva and Michael Cannon, Will Rava and Sara Morris, Mary M. Roberson and Thomas Aceto, Larry and Jean Rohrschneider, Rosita and Oscar Romero, Gladys Rubinstein, Charyl Kay and Earl Sedlik, Catherine Eaton Skinner and David Skinner, Mel and Barbara Smith, Michael J. Smith and Jess Van Nostrand, Benita and Charles Staadecker, Larry Stapleton and Jerrol Golden, David and Dana Taft, Sarah Traver, Lorraine Vagner, Merrill Wagner and Bob Ryman, Susan and Kenneth Wagner, Randy White and Melinda Luke-White.

Artist Trust salutes our funding partners that support the 2011 Grants for Artist Projects: Centrum; Washington Women’s Foundation.

Grants for Artist Projects for Literary Artists made possible in part through the generous support of

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Artist Trust is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Since its founding in 1986, Artist Trust has invested over $10 million in individual artists through grant programs, and provides a comprehensive suite of professional development training and resources to help artists achieve their career goals. Learn more at