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Artist Trust releases Racial Equity Plan

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Artist Trust releases Racial Equity Plan

Artist Trust is committed to diversity and inclusion, and is taking the next step in showing dedication to equity in the arts by releasing the first iteration of the Racial Equity plan. The intention of the plan is to address and change historical and ongoing disparities in access to institutional funding, recognition, business practices, and job opportunities. It highlights shifting paradigms in Artist Trust programs, operations, and communications, both showcasing work that is in progress, revealing future plans, and celebrating past successes. The initial Artist Trust Racial Equity Plan is currently able to be viewed on our website:

The action items included in the plan come from over a year of assessing recommendations and evaluation by a committee of staff, board, and community members, three of which attended the Turning Commitment into Action learning cohort, hosted by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture and the Office of Civil Rights. Some examples of Artist Trust’s ongoing equity work include:

  - Conducting an organization-wide cultural bias assessment to identify how our practices might disadvantage people of color, on all levels of engagement
  - Building racial equity assessments of programs and operations into annual planning, budgeting, and review cycles
  - Engaging with communities and artists of color for shared dialogue on our policies, practices, and programs

In an effort to create equitable outcomes for all, we especially invite artists of African diasporic, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American identities to apply for our grants, participate in programs, and engage us as partners in building competitive applications, navigating their careers, and making lives as professional artists.

“It is imperative that Artist Trust removes barriers, and is open, transparent, responsive, and active in ensuring people of all races and ethnicities are welcome and present in all aspects of our organization.”
– Artist Trust Executive Director Shannon Roach

This racial equity framework is a living document, and will change as Artist Trust continues to learn and grow. All local artists and community members of all backgrounds and identities are invited to engage with both this document, and with Artist Trust staff. Artist Trust is using this document as a jumping off point to continue the conversations about racial equity in our community. Every staff and board member is open to hearing ideas and having discussions to help bolster this work. Contact staff here, and to contact the board, email to be connected.


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