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ARTISTS UP Grant LAB awards support vision and inspiration for 18 Washington artists

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  ARTISTS UP Grant LAB awards support vision and inspiration for 18 Washington artists

  New Grant LAB program shaped by artists for artists

  December 13, 2016 — Eighteen artists from Washington State were awarded funds from   Grant LAB, an experimental   program designed to remove barriers for historically under-represented artists and increase racial equity in grant making programs. Inspired by qualitative   research with artists, Grant LAB aligned the grant selection process with how and why artists work and create. Each artist will receive $3,000 to support   their artistic vision.  
  “By engaging artists as allies and dismantling barriers, the Grant LAB is advocating for an inclusive future in the arts,” says Marilyn Montufar, artist   and photographer. “I am honored to be a recipient of the Grant LAB, a grant that advocates for change and greater equity in the arts.”  
  Grant LAB is an experimental program created to test grant making ideas, approaches and practices for greater and equitable access to opportunities.   Applicants were evaluated on one of three different criteria; potential or demonstrated skill, innovation/experimentation, and community engagement.  
  This grant puts into action the goals of ARTISTS UP, a collaborative effort by 4Culture, the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Artist Trust to   improve and expand capacity and networks for under-supported artists in Seattle, King County and Washington State. The Grant LAB funds artists working in   all disciplines.  
  “The application process felt like I was actually being given a chance” says Kamari Bright, a writer, filmmaker and musician. “Although credentials are   important, they don’t dictate the level of passion or capacity for impact my work will have.”

  2016 Grant LAB funded artists:  
  Kamari Bright, John Bunkley, Danielle Christian, Alex Crozier, Lynn DeBeal, Rome Esmaili, Kiana Harris, Sarah León Moreno, Emma Levitt, Xavier Lopez Jr.,   Sara Marie Medina, Marilyn Montufar, Tamiko Nimura, Sandra Pressley, Gabriel Teodros, David Tucker, Gordon Wood, and Miriam Zmiewski-Angelova.

  For more information about ARTISTS UP:

ARTISTS UP is a joint venture of4Culture,Office of Arts & Culture and   Artist Trust to improve and expand   services to underserved artists in the region.  
  ARTISTS UP aims to support artists of color, from other countries or new to our region, with resources, services and programs.  
  ARTISTS UP seeks to raise awareness about artists’ needs, while developing and delivering programs that work better for artists


About Artist Trust
Artist Trust is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to support and encourage individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Since its founding in 1986, Artist Trust has invested over $10 million in individual artists through grant programs, and provides a comprehensive suite of professional development training and resources to help artists achieve their career goals. Learn more at