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Artist Trust Announces New $10,000 Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award

For Immediate Release:

Artist Trust is excited to announce the Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award! In 2015 the Gar LaSalle Award will recognize an outstanding literary artist working in fiction. The Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award is an unrestricted award of $10,000 given to a Washington State artist who is engaged in storytelling through their work in various artistic disciplines. The award recognizes an artist who demonstrates excellence in storytelling through their primary artistic discipline. The discipline focus for 2015 will be Literature (fiction), and future awards will focus on storytelling through other artistic disciplines, to be announced each year.

“I am creating this award to honor the venerable tradition of storytelling and the master storytellers who add the color to the arc of our existence.” -Gar LaSalle

“Artist Trust is pleased to partner with Gar LaSalle in honoring Washington State artists through this new award.” – Shannon Halberstadt , Executive Director, Artist Trust

Full guidelines for applying to the Gar LaSalle Award can be found on the Artist Trust website:

Funding for the Artist Trust Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award is generously donated by Gar LaSalle. A physician, sculptor, award-winning filmmaker and author, Gar LaSalle has been honored widely in both the medical and fine arts communities for his leadership and creativity. Gar has earned acclaim for his debut novel, Widow Walk, and its sequel, Isthmus, which reflect his love of history. His first feature-length film, Diary of a Moonlighter, was produced in 1976 and aired on the PBS series P.O.V. He writes from his home in Seattle and sculpts in his studio on Maury Island.

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