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Margit Rankin Resigns as Executive Director of Artist Trust

For Immediate Release:

Margit Rankin has resigned as the Executive Director of Artist Trust. After two years leading Artist Trust, Rankin leaves celebrating the organization’s impressive growth and citing a need for new leadership to steward its ongoing expansion. Rankin will continue to work in the nonprofit sector, while supporting the local arts community.

“It has been an honor to further the mission and support the valuable work and careers of artists of all disciplines throughout the state of Washington,” stated Rankin. “I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past two years. With a talented staff and committed Board, Artist Trust will continue to thrive and do great work.”

Artist Trust Board President Susan Wagner noted that even though the organization and Rankin have decided to part ways, the departure is amicable. “We are appreciative of Margit’s commitment and insights as a leader. She’s helped the organization to see itself differently and consider new ways to grow and expand,” said Wagner. “We are excited for Margit and her future success.”

Wagner stated that the Board is looking deeper into the roles and structure of Artist Trust, saying they will focus on internal efficiencies and statewide reach before hiring Rankin’s replacement. The organization is expected to begin its Executive Director search this June, with the intention to hire a new leader by fall.

Wagner and the rest of the Board’s executive committee will provide additional oversight while the staff continues to move things forward. “The Board has complete confidence in the current staff’s ability to handle day-to-day operations,” said Wagner. “Our additional oversight and support during the transition is to ensure they have everything they need to continue doing the good work they’ve done for years.”

Artist Trust recently announced several exciting new awards. Recent awards include Amy O’Neal and Cris Bruch as recipients of the 2014 James W. Ray Venture Project Awards and Jessika Kenney as recipient of the 2014 James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Award.  At the same time Artist Trust continues to support artist development and engagement through our Creative Career Center’s workshops and professional development opportunities.

Additional information regarding all awards and events can be found on the organization’s website,

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