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Since 1986, Artist Trust has invested over $10 million in Washington State artists through funding, trainings, and resources. When you give to Artist Trust, you ensure the future of the creative communities that challenge, engage, and enrich our lives together. But don’t take it from us; here’s what members of our community have to say about the impact of Artist Trust on their lives as working artists.

"Artist Trust’s support helps ensure a creative process unencumbered by second-guessing born of commercial viability. This is a sense of freedom that is truly precious and, during this moment of my artistic life, will allow me the space to move forward without hesitation."
- Amjad Faur, 2017 Fellowship Recipient, Thurston County

"Artist Trust has helped me bridge the gap between the east and west sides of Washington state. Thank you for helping me expose my work to a broader audience."
- Juventino Aranda, 2016 James W. Ray Venture Award Recipient, Walla Walla County

"Artist Trust provides amazing support and resources to artists in Washington State to help bigger/smaller/deeper/richer/wiser/more creative art happen."
- Tamara Stephas, 2014 GAP Recipient, King County

We count on you to sustain our support of thousands of artists like them across the state for years to come.

There are many ways to support the work we do at Artist Trust. From monthly contributions to bequests, we are deeply grateful for your gift.

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What do your dollars do?
- Fund over $350,000 in grants every year, financing artists of all disciplines and thriving creative communities;
- Produce 70+ programs annually on topics that ensure viable, sustainable careers for emerging and working artists;
- Host low-barrier, responsive community events on topics from affordable housing and work space for artists to knowing your rights as an activist artist;
- Support programming across Washington State, from the Olympic Peninsula to Spokane;
- Pay fair wages to partners and teaching artists;
- Provide career opportunities for artists to connect with each other, as well as donors, collectors, and curators.

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