Analyst Navigator / Employment

January 17, 2024

Organization Name: Cultural Space Agency

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


The Cultural Space Agency, a trailblazer in cultural real estate development, operates as a unique, mission-driven municipal corporation in Seattle. With a focus on creating community wealth through an anti-racist lens, we utilize cultural spaces as key instruments for investment. In just a year, our growth has been exponential: securing multiple cultural spaces in Seattle, predominantly led by BIPOC individuals and organizations, including a century-old vaudeville theater and significant new development projects. We’ve raised $28 million in support and are currently managing over 60,000 square feet of cultural space for BIPOC community control.

About the Constituency Advisory Program (Beyond the Base):

The Constituency Advisory Program, a cornerstone of our agency, leverages the expertise of a diverse group of professionals – from architects to artists, and community leaders to nonprofit directors. This program aims to transform this collective wisdom into a professional consultancy, guiding emerging cultural organizations through crucial capital projects.

About the Analyst / Navigator (2 Positions):

These roles are akin to ‘case managers’ in social services. As an Analyst / Navigator, you’ll be pivotal in connecting community partner organizations with our consultancy services, identifying their needs, and coordinating with our roster of consultants to address these needs effectively. You’ll work closely with both community partners and consultants, ensuring a seamless flow of expertise and support.

Please follow the opportunity link to learn more about this position. Applications will be accepted until January 17, 2024 or until the role is filled.

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