Artist Sponsorships / Calls & Submissions

August 31, 2019

Organization Name: Paint my Meditation

Organization Location: Redmond, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Veteran and Military Family Art Sponsorships
Autism Sponsorships
For exhibitions and online sales

Paint my meditation began as a group devoted to providing and promoting art as meditation for a happy , healthy, human culture. As part of this continued mission, we promote artists and their art for art’s sake. Art was always more to us than aesthetic appeal; we value art as a form of healing. We began promoting artists online and through small exhibitions in order to sponsor community art as meditation classes. Since its conception, Paint my Meditation has evolved into a service for artists and art lovers alike. And we are proud to serve the community at large. When you book our events, classes, or services, you are still helping to support our efforts in promoting accessible art as meditation classes, artist sponsorships, and our humanitarian efforts in providing artist sponsorships. For example, our premium venue exhibition and showcase “Paint Seattle” Sponsors Autistic artists and “Seattle Des Independants” sponsors Autistic, neurodiverse, and disabled veterans to exhibit and market their work free of charge.

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