COVID House of Horrors / Calls & Submissions

September 20, 2020

Organization Name: One Reel / Art Saves Me

Organization Location: Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill)

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


If you’ve ever attended a church sponsored haunted house that scares the bejesus out parishioners with shocking images of abortions, drug use, the gays, muslims, and liberals, then you have a sense of where we are going. We are trying to capture that same sort of batshit craziness without succumbing to fear mongering, Because we feel pandemic is a whole lot scarier than a lesbian couple at the dog park smoking reefer alongside a family from Pakistan, one of which who happens to work Planned Parenthood, and will likely vote for a Democrat. (i.e. our everyday life).

One Reel has secured a 5,250 space on Capitol Hill for the event and we are planning to present a collective art show that will be open to the public, albeit safely and we are looking for artists accustomed to large scale work and installations to create art that focuses on the HORRORS of COVID.

In fact, the name of the show is COVID HOUSE OF HORRORS…
It will be part art exhibit and part a haunted house house that reminds the public of the all too real pandemic fears, while offering up a bruising, sometimes cheeky, and always scary look at what we all continue to face.

We are working to make sure we have a clear plan in place to insure safety, because it’s the only sane way to pull something like this off.
The show will run for 3 weeks and we will be offering guided tours through the space at timed intervals. The space is laid out so there is a entrance and exit, so there won’t be any crossed paths and we will be taking temperatures, requiring mask-wearing at all times and respect social distancing guidelines.

We are paying a stipend to artists toward initial costs and the show will be a ticketed event ($8-$10 ticket) , with 60% going to artists and the rest covering the space rental and promotion for the 3 week run. No one is gonna get rich, but artists should walk away in the green and feel they’ve been compensated for some of their time. We wish it were more, but under the circumstances…. And we are not retaining any revenue outside of our of pocket costs for rent & advertising.

The CALL TO ARTISTS flyer is below and the link to the submissions page is:

Submissions are open through this Sunday (Sept. 20). There will be just over 4 weeks between announcing the lineup of Artists and the opening. Artists may work in their own studios and transport their work or work within the space during this time, provided they maintain all safety protocols.

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