Decolonial Natural Pigments Instructional Residency / Residencies

August 4, 2024

Organization Name: Arquetopia Foundation

Organization Location: Oaxaca, México

Type: Residencies

Fee: 35


Arquetopia’s artist residencies are designed with a decolonial framework that challenges traditional narratives and promotes diverse perspectives in art and cultural practices. These residencies offer artists the opportunity to engage deeply with local communities, traditions, and knowledge systems in Oaxaca, Puebla, and Cusco. By immersing themselves in the rich cultural contexts of these regions, artists can critically examine and reinterpret their own work in relation to the histories and contemporary realities of the Global South.
The decolonial framework at Arquetopia emphasizes: contextual learning, critical reflection, intercultural dialogue and an ethical engagement with the artistic practice.
By exposing artists to non-dominant forms of thinking and knowledges, Arquetopia encourages artists to challenge and expand their ideas. Arquetopia’s residencies ultimately aim to create a space where artists can rethink their practices by challenging history and dominant forms of knowledge by emphasizing intuition and critical perspectives.

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