G21 Venice / Studio/Work Space

September 30, 2021

Organization Name: Aplus A Gallery

Organization Location: Venezia, Italy

Type: Studio/Work Space

Fee: Free


Stemming from the name of this years’ G20* summit, the School for Curatorial Studies Venice presents G21, a public and interactive art exhibition taking place throughout the city of Venice, Italy. The curatorial school, an interdisciplinary program based in Venice since 2004, is comprised of 10 diverse curators from different countries around the world. In response to the community backlash of the elite forum, the G21 exhibit aims to amplify the voice of the people via the arts by featuring over 60 established artists based in Italy and abroad with works concentrating on the final G20 pillar, Prosperity. This collection explores the interpretation of the term by posing one main question to the local/international artists and public:

Various shops, bars, restaurants, vacant buildings, and other public spaces stretching from Dorsodouro to Castello have accepted the proposal to participate in this exhibition with enthusiasm. At each installation site visitors are encouraged to reflect on the artwork/statement by the artist and leave their own response in the provided community book to later be shared in the exhibition catalog with the global representatives.
WIRE-21 is a parallel event that coincides with School For Curatorial Studies’ exhibition G21 : What The F%$K Is Prosperity. Working together with the Radio Vanessa of Venezia, WIRE-21 presents a weekly radio takeover every Thursday starting from 3.30 to 4.00 PM to present a range of emerging, experimental and leftfield sound art. WIRE21 tests the current possibilities and limits to exposing sound and music by streaming it live on a traditional Venetian radio.

The list of participating artists include: Mahesa Almeida, Malala Andrialavidrazana, Pavel Büchler, Giorgia Agnese Cereda, Ding Cheng, Pablo Chiereghin, Francesco Cima, Sofia Cruz Rocha, Xi Di, MEGANASTY (Megan Elisabeth Freeman, Anastasiya Parvanova), Victor Esquivel, Habima Fuchs, Genesis The Greykid, Silvia Giordani, Sasha Gosmant, Four-sided Art Project (Hong Hao, Liu Jia, Lee Janguk, Yan Lei), Jitka Hanzlová, Wu He Qi Lin, Klara Jakes, Rani Jambak, Meena Khalili, Anna Kondratyeva, Milan Kunc, Lu Ming, Cristian Masetto, Marryam Moma, Lorenzo Montinaro, Maciej Nowacki, Paulina Olowska, OXG, Ester Parasková, Dr. Shwetal Patel, Kelompok Edjaan Peralihan, Martin Pondelicek, Moong Pribadi, Ilona Ruegg, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Audrey Schilt, Mattia Sinigaglia, Michelle Sitton, Haim Sokol, Martina Steckholzer, Sima Yuan, HE Yunchang, Clémence Gachot-Coniglio & Jacopo Zanessi, Song Ziwei, Martina Camani, Valerio Caruso, Francesco Pozzato, Fabio Ranzolin, Gianna Rubini.

The involved curators are: Claire Alezraa (France), Natalie Kubikova (Prague), Kreneshia Whiteside-McGee (USA), Elena Petricola (Italy), Bernardo Sandoval (Mexico), Michal Stochl (Prague), Daria Tikhomirova (Russia), Fei Xu (China), Talula Zuhra (Indonesia).

For more information about G21, please contact the School for Curatorial Studies Venice at curatorialschool@gmail.com. Details can also be found on the School’s instagram page @curatorial.school


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