Gallerium Art Prize 2023 / Calls & Submissions

May 23, 2023

Organization Name: Biafarin Inc.

Organization Location: Vancouver, Canada

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


GAP 2023

Showcase your art globally and win cash prizes in Gallerium Art Prize 2023

Gallerium proudly invites talented artists to submit their art in Gallerium Art Prize 2023.

Art improves people’s lives, and showcasing prominent art by visual artists worldwide is our way for playing our part toward a better world.

Gallerium art prize encourages artists to submit their brilliant art to win cash prizes and showcase in an international art group exhibition by Gallerium.

The subject is free and all representational and abstract artists working in any art medium from anywhere in the world are invited to join this unique opportunity.

Selected artists will participate in an international online group exhibition and CAD 2000 is awarded to 13 artists in the exhibition.

Other awards include exhibition catalogue, artwork social media badges, visitors’ comments and ratings, digital certificates, and informative artwork popularity reports.

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■ Cash Grants
CAD 1000 for 3 artists with highest artwork ranks in the whole duration of the exhibition.
First Prize: CAD 500
Second Prize: CAD 300
Third Prize: CAD 200

■ Editors’ Pick Cash Prize
10 Artists will be selected for the cash prizes and will collectively win CAD 1000.
Each chosen artist receives CAD 100.

■ Honorable Mention Awards
10 Artists will be selected for the Honorable Mention Awards and will receive Honorable Mention digital certificates.

■ Group Exhibition
Selected artworks will be showcased in an international online group exhibition. All selected artworks will be exhibited online for 2 months from June 15, 2023, to August 15, 2023.

■ Exhibition Catalogue
All selected artworks and artists will be published in a stylish colorful exhibition catalogue available in both online and print versions.
Artists can order for the print catalogue via print-on-demand service from one of the partner platforms. The catalogue will be promoted and circulated internationally, becoming available to millions of viewers including art experts, galleries, curators, businesses and enthusiasts, via popular publication gateways.

■ Social Media Badges
A digital social media promotional badge for each artwork will be sent to each artist to share on social media.

■ Artwork Rating and Comments
All exhibition visitors can post their comments and ratings of each artwork online.

■ Exhibition Press Release
An exhibition press release sent out will be published in the art media to mark the event, attract more visitors, and increase the chances of artwork sales during the exhibition period.

■ Reports, Analytics and Insights
A report containing the number of views, comments, artworks popularity, the engagement rate of exhibition viewers with artworks, and sales statistics, will be sent to artists via email.

■ Artist Profile Page
Each participant artist receives a free online profile page on Biafarin platform.

■ Certificate
A digital certificate will be issued and sent to all selected artists.

Selection Fee: USD 50
There is no submission fee for this artist call.
Only selected artists will pay a fixed fee of USD 50 to proceed.
Up to 5 artworks can be submitted.
Maximum 2 artworks will be selected per artist.

The selection fee is fixed, regardless of number of selected artworks per artist.

About Gallerium
Gallerium art exhibitions are intended to create equal showcasing opportunities for prominent visual artists worldwide.
Art improves people’s lives, and showcasing art is our way of playing our part toward a better world. In this way, Gallerium utilizes Biafarin exhibition platform to boost the benefits of the exhibitions. It is always free to submit your art in our competitions, while only selected artists need to pay a small selection fee.

Each one of Gallerium shows focus on a unique subject.
Gallerium art exhibitions have been seen by more than 1.5 million visitors worldwide.
International artists are encouraged to express their artistic interpretation of the subject for an opportunity to be selected for exhibition.

Delivery of all awards is guaranteed by Biafarin.

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