Nature & Technology: An Inevitable Connectedness Virtual Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

November 2, 2022

Organization Name: Visionary Art Collective

Organization Location: Brooklyn, NY

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $22 - $28.


Visionary Art Collective© is a Brooklyn-based art & education platform. Our mission is to uplift artists & educators through magazine features, virtual exhibitions, podcast interviews, and our mentorship program.

About this Exhibition: Nature and technology are polar opposites, both crucial to the fabric of this generation. They are the two areas in which we are compelled to spend our time or where we strive to spend our time. The sensibility of nature is merging with the increasing tech of our time in a synchronicity that we do not expect. Technology is becoming an extension of the human body and environmental landscape, a condition destined to intensify over time. “Nature and Tech, An Inevitable Interconnectedness” explores the interdependence of natural and man-made, real and surreal, rural and urban tangible and spiritual verities. It is the underlying and eternal interconnectedness of all things that is of the highest spiritual value. The binary preconception of technology as evil and nature as good is superannuated. Acknowledging our two current parallel realities brought together in compatibility, creates a sense of balance. This exhibition is a lyrical perspective for a harmonious relationship between technology and nature, a fantasy of symbiotic unity.

This virtual exhibition is open to artists who explore landscape and the natural world, as well as artists who focus on technology and other man-made constructs in their work.

Cash Prizes: We will award selected artists with crash prizes. $300 for first prize, $150 for second, $75 for third.

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to artists of all backgrounds and experience levels. We accept submissions from artists around the world as we are an online art platform. Must be 18+ to submit.

We accept all 2D & 3D mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, digital, prints, fiber art, collage, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, and installation art. We do not accept film or video at this time.

Selected work from this exhibition will be included in our print magazine, New Visionary, which is available quarterly.

To submit your work, please visit:

This exhibition will be curated by Tam Gryn. Tam is the former Director of Fine Arts at where she helped artists create their own autonomous crypto economies as well as Head Curator at SHOWFIELDS where she is helping to bridge art with retail. She is a Guest Lecturer at Harvard Business School and New York Academy of the Arts. She currently contributes to Decentralized Arts by BanklessDAO and Women in Web3 Equity Miami. She is the former Head of the Curatorial Department of the Artist Pension Trust as well as Head Curator for RAW POP UP and Founder of Culturadora. Tam sits on the board of the Kulturespace Foundation in Berlin. Originally from Venezuela, she studied Art History at the Sorbonne University. She then specialized in Politics and Diplomacy at the Reichman University in Israel and received her M.A. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University. Tam has curated multiple art exhibitions as well as charity fundraisers. Cultural projects that Tam and her team produced hosted 300,000+ individuals, curated and 300+ site-specific art installations by global artists and reached 13B+ in online impressions.

To learn more about Tam, visit

This exhibition will be presented to, with an additional 3D virtual walk-through using Art Placer software.

Visionary Art Collective’s mission is to connect contemporary art with education. The submission fees we receive go towards funding our platform and enable us to continue providing opportunities and free educational resources for artists and educators around the world.

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