Utility Box Art Program – Tukwila / Calls & Submissions

April 30, 2021

Organization Name: City of Tukwila

Organization Location: Tukwila, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The City of Tukwila is seeking artists to create works of art that can be reproduced as a vinyl wrap and applied to
utility boxes throughout Tukwila. This opportunity is open to visual artists residing within King County working in any medium as long as the final artwork can be translated and digitally reproduced on a 2-dimensional vinyl wrap. No digital art experience necessary. The City will be responsible for printing and installing the vinyl art on the utility boxes.

The utility boxes serve as community “canvases” for original art to contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the city, promote community dialogue, support new opportunities for artists, and deter vandalism.
The City of Tukwila is committed to creating an equitable, local, public art opportunity by taking into consideration
how the opportunity is promoted to the public, the accessibility of the application process, being inclusive of
applicants who may not have digital art devices available to them and creating an equitable selection process.


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