Applying for Grants Toolkit



Artist Trust is a nonprofit dedicated to helping Washington State artists of all disciplines thrive. We provide direct support to artists in several ways:

  • Grants that invest in artists at crucial points in their careers;
  • Classes and webinars on topics like applying to grants, marketing, and financial management that teach the business of being an artist, plus;
  • Online resources that provide information specifically for artists about employment, opportunities, healthcare, housing, and other vital needs.

Our APPLYING FOR GRANTS TOOLKIT is an online resource that covers the essentials artists of all disciplines need to apply for funding, focusing on Artist Trust grants and criteria. The worksheets, prompts, and tips provided in the links below will help you better understand our application processes, prepare grant application materials, and develop language to describe your work.

The toolkit is intended for you to pick and choose worksheets that best fit your current needs, whether it’s just one or the whole suite. After completing these worksheets, you’ll have working drafts for the main components of our grant applications and be ready to pursue support for your work.

Toolkit Worksheets

  1. Planning & Tracking Your Grant Applications
  2. Writing Your Artist Biography
  3. Writing Your Artist Statement
  4. Writing Your Impact Statement
  5. Writing Your Project Description
  6. Creating Your Project Budget