A Letter from Artist Trust CEO Shannon Halberstadt and Taiji Miyasaka

Published: October 24, 2019

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Bravery, fortitude, stamina, pluck – the act of persistence looks different for every individual but remains essential throughout the journey of any artist. For some artists, persistence is having the patience to seek opportunities at key points in their careers. For others, it’s finding the strength to continue creating with support from their artist community. During this time of political and economic uncertainty, on top of everyday personal and professional challenges, persistence is crucial to sustain a livelihood as an artist – your support is what makes this persistence possible. It’s thanks to your generosity that Artist Trust can give artists the encouragement they need to thrive.

Originally from Kyoto, Japan, visual artist Taiji Miyasaka has found statewide success through persistence in his artistic practice.

I think an idea in art is like a seed. One cannot forcefully yield a flower (artwork) from a seed (idea). It requires waiting for the right time, right context, right location, and right people. Persistence in artistic practice means having the ability to wait and seek opportunities. I always have some ideas that I want to develop, but sometimes I cannot find a way to make the ideas happen for years, and then suddenly an opportunity appears. GAP and Fellowship funding were essential for my exhibition Circum•ambience to move forward.

In addition to the funding, Artist Trust provided me a sense of community as an artist. Artist Trust is able to reach out and support individual artists who may not be part of the art community because of their background, geography, or other challenges, and make them feel that they are part of the AT community. I strongly suggest that artists on either side of the mountains meet people at Artist Trust.

I hope that art will be more embedded in everyday life. Artist Trust’s support of individual artists working in Washington State is essential for artists in the state to keep working. It is important that Artist Trust continues to be able to support artists, make connections among artists, and fund them and their projects. Donations help to make this possible.”

– Taiji Miyasaka, 2018 Fellowship & 2016 GAP recipient

With your help, Artist Trust provides artists like Taiji with the vital support they need to continue creating and making Washington State the vibrant and creative place it is, no matter the challenge. That’s why I hope you’ll continue your support today with a meaningful gift to Artist Trust. Thank you for helping make Washington State a place where artists like Taiji can persist. Your contribution in any amount is more than a donation—it is an investment in a future where art is part of everyday life in Washington State, in 2019 and beyond.


Shannon Halberstadt
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Thanks to donors like you, Artist Trust supports thousands of artists per year through grants, programming and resources. To make your tax-deductible donation, visit our donation page today.