Strategic Framework

This Framework will guide our work through 2026. It was designed to be responsive, forward-thinking, flexible, and grounded in our values. It called for us to revisit our mission statement, create our first-ever vision statement, and encourages us to build the relationships, resources, culture, and infrastructure necessary to make this happen. Read Artist Trust’s mission, vision, and values at

Our Strategic Framework was made possible thanks to the support and partnership of our community. We are grateful that we get to learn and grow with you by our side. To support this work, visit


The Framework is the result of the collective work of hundreds of members of the Artist Trust community, including artists, partners, staff, committee members, and our Board of Trustees. Foundational to this process was a racial equity audit by AV Consulting and an artist-led process to create new organizational values completed in 2021. Our planning process was developed by a work group of board and staff, with three strategic areas defined during an organization-wide retreat held at Seattle Art Museum in September 2022. Feedback was collected through focus groups, conversations, program evaluation, and surveys, and drafts were fine-tuned in collaboration with artists and community members. The resulting Framework was finalized and approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2023, with a revised mission and vision approved at our annual organizational retreat in Tieton, Washington in September 2023.

2023-2026 Strategic Framework

Strategy One: Build a supportive community for artists

  • Support artists statewide
    • Provide artist-informed funding opportunities and in-person and virtual programming
    • Share resources that help artists sustain healthy livelihoods
    • Plan for statewide program delivery centering geographic and racial equity
    • Connect artists to economic opportunities
    • Activate Artist Trust‘s Seattle headquarters as a community hub
  • Foster authentic relationships
    • Invite artists to inform programming and policies centering racial and geographic equity
    • Pursue values-aligned program and funding partnerships
    • Use gatherings and events as opportunities for community-building and connection between artists, donors, and community

Strategy Two: Position artists as essential leaders

  • Amplify storytelling
    • Give artists a platform to tell stories that highlight the role of artists within Washington State communities
    • Promote Artist Trust’s role in creating a healthy and equitable statewide arts ecosystem
    • Invite artists to share stories about the impact of our work at events and outreach opportunities statewide
  • Actively engage in arts advocacy
    • Share and participate in opportunities to advocate for more equitable systems and support for artists and their livelihoods
    • Stay informed of the shifting local, state, and national policy landscape as it relates to artist needs and support for artists and arts organizations

Strategy Three: Act with intention and care as an organization

  • Invest in infrastructure and continued learning
    • Implement and evaluate decision-making processes, HR policies, and practices rooted in power-sharing and racial equity
    • Invest in continued learning opportunities for staff and board
    • Modernize internal systems to increase organizational capacity to better fulfill our mission and live our values
  • Plan long-term sustainable revenue models
    • Explore strategies for long-term financial stability and growth
    • Sustain grants and programs and plan for strategic investments in artists and Artist Trust

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Image: Peggy Piacenza, 2024 Fellowship Recipient

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