Artist Trust’s mission is to support and encourage artists working in all disciplines to enrich community life throughout Washington State.



Artist Trust is open and welcoming. We value relationships with all artists and communities to truly reflect the rich diversity of artistic expression in Washington State. Artist Trust is equitable in all we do. We facilitate support for all artists, particularly those who have been historically underrepresented in the arts funding world through discrimination and structural inequities. We actively seek new relationships, perspectives, ideas, and opportunities.


Transparency makes trust possible. Artist Trust is transparent in our operations, programming, and decision-making. We readily provide information about our business practices, make clear the processes and rationale for our grant making and programming, and convey changes immediately and consistently. We are an open book.


Artist Trust is responsive to the needs of artists and arts communities. We proactively propose solutions in creative and responsible ways. We are mission-focused, we develop our goals with artists, and we follow through on our goals.


Artists are agents of change. They reflect our shifting culture and push boundaries to expose new perspectives. Our forward-thinking approach keeps us at the leading edge of change in the arts and in our communities. We listen to what artists want and stay knowledgeable about emerging needs and resources. We are active in community leadership to anticipate and respond to national and regional issues and trends that impact artists. In turn, we articulate the “edges of change” that artists are creating and predicting.

Racial Equity Framework

Artist Trust is a nonprofit organization that helps Washington State artists of all disciplines thrive through direct support, connections, and advocacy. We believe a fair and just society ensures artists of all backgrounds and identities are included in its cultural narratives.



Artist Trust is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization, and to working against the systems of racism we have inherited, upheld, and perpetuated. We know we are not there yet. Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have been systemically oppressed, and we are committed to partnering with them to eradicate white supremacy throughout our organization and to support historically marginalized artists across Washington State.


Read: Racial Equity Framework

Strategic Plan

Artist Trust measures progress toward strategic goals and objectives through annual program evaluation, including quantitative and qualitative measures. Annual initiatives are iterative, modified as necessary to achieve the best program efficacy to support and encourage Washington State artists. It is important to note that racial equity emerged as an organizational priority, and Artist Trust has created a Racial Equity Framework to guide our strategic initiatives through a lens of racial equity.

Our 2016-2019 Artist Trust Strategic Plan was created in cooperation with and in response to the needs of artists statewide and with input from over 1,400 individuals.

Read: 2016-2019 Artist Trust Strategic Plan

Read: Artist Trust Strategic Plan Booklet