A Letter from CEO Shannon Halberstadt & Tessa Hulls

Published: May 2, 2019

Categories: Board & Staff | Donors

Thriving as an artist depends on taking risks, but making the jump requires a strong safety net. That’s where we can make the difference. With your support, Artist Trust provides Washington State artists of all disciplines with the resources they need to turn bold ideas into reality—the kind of bold ideas that launch careers, sustain artistic practice, and make Washington State an innovative, vibrant, and creative place to live.

Multidisciplinary artist Tessa Hulls has built her remarkable career out of these leaps of faith. From travel to all seven continents to cycling hundreds of miles between gigs to pushing the boundaries of graphic storytelling, we are proud to have played a part in Tessa’s fearless artistic practice.

My work and self has never fit cleanly into a single category. The support of Artist Trust has consistently given me the confidence, tools, and concrete backing to always push further into uncharted territory, and has allowed me to fully embrace my creative identity as a joyous, mixed-race, mixed-everything, discipline-hopping explorer.

Amidst all the uncertainty that comes with a creative career, knowing that someone has your back means everything. On so many levels, Artist Trust shows up, and the creative opportunities that exist in Washington State are a huge part of why I am still here. Artists grow into the power of our voices as members of a larger creative community, and Artist Trust is at the heart of the vibrant, interconnected ecosystem we call home.

Our work as artists has never been more necessary, but our economic margins have never been narrower. Artists rely on your generosity and financial support to be able to continue to call Washington home.
– Tessa Hulls, 2018 Fellowship & 2012 GAP recipient

Artist Trust is proud to partner with you to make sure that Washington State is a place where artists like Tessa can thrive—because a region alive with creative brilliance is a place we all want to be. That’s why I hope you’ll continue your support with a meaningful gift to Artist Trust. Your contribution in any amount is more than a donation—it is a signal to Washington State artists that we have their back, in 2019 and beyond.


Shannon Halberstadt
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Thanks to donors like you, Artist Trust supports thousands of artists per year through grants, programming and resources. To make your tax-deductible donation, visit our donation page today.