A Message from Kamari Bright

Published: November 9, 2023

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“We need to support the ingenuity of artists as we usher in a new age. ”


Did you know that our support for artists is powered by fundraising? We’re kicking off our effort to raise $200,000 before the end of the year with a message from Kamari Bright! Kamari is a poet, videopoet, and creative. She is the 2022 Artist Trust Fellowship Award for Black Artists recipient. She shares about her hopes for the future of Washington State artists and the importance of supporting artists now. Read more and make a gift today to support Washington State artists!

I first learned about Artist Trust at an event about funding for artists. I was new to the city and hadn’t fully stepped into the artist world yet. After having internalized the “starving artist” myth and moving here from other states that don’t have much support for the arts, I was shocked that Artist Trust gave artists money to create.

Artist Trust is one of the few organizations that directly funds artists and gives them the agency to use those funds where they are most needed. Artist Trust’s support has meant more than financial backing for projects; it has been the affirmation and encouragement I’ve needed along this art journey; it has reminded me that the work I’m making is valuable and resonant in times when I’ve doubted myself. This support brings new life into my resolve to build a lasting legacy through art.

I look forward to reaching a stage where my creative vision doesn’t have to be downsized to match my resources. I hope one day the artist community won’t need to sacrifice so much of its time and energy to the side jobs that fund their creative work. I hope artists in Washington State and beyond feel valued and compensated for the contribution their works make in our larger society. 

Artists have always been tied to the trajectory of our progression as humans. We breathe life into the past, hold mirrors to the present, and illustrate possibilities for the future. Our world is reaching a critical turning point where we can either cling to old harmful practices or evolve and grow into something new. Your gift to Artist Trust now will support the ingenuity of artists as we usher in a new age. 


Kamari Bright

Last year Artist Trust granted $430,500 to 133 artists and reached thousands more through professional development and resources. As we work with our statewide artist community towards pandemic recovery, it’s your support that helps extend our reach. Thank you for considering a gift in support of Washington State artists.


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