Artist Profile Series: Tariqa Waters

Published: May 4, 2018

Categories: Artists | Spotlight

Tariqa Waters is a gallerist, curator, and artist committed to “keeping the weirdos in the city” through her gallery and art space, Martyr Sauce. Opened in 2013, Martyr Sauce represents art, family, and the rejection of commercial gallery status quo. Located underground in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, the gallery serves as an exhibition space by appointment, a practice space for her husband’s music, and a beauty retail shop.

Tariqa Waters was the 2016 recipient of the Conductive Garboil Grant from Artist Trust and 4Culture. To Tariqa, this grant was a community acknowledgement that recognized and validated her work as a gallerist and working artist. Funding from the award allowed her to cover gallery expenses and keep Martyr Sauce open as a space available and accessible to artists. Tariqa speaks to Seattle as a fluctuating city and wants to maintain a space that can be counted upon by the artist community. Funding from grants as well as her freelance work enables Tariqa to keep Martyr Sauce open.

As part of her own artistic practice, Tariqa Water’s most recent work is a series of 7-foot bubblicious bubble gum sculptures as part of an ongoing project that relishes on the day to day activities which speak to her personal narrative. The fun, colorful sculptures create a weird, wacky vibe in the gallery space that Tariqa will use a photography backdrop and exhibition. This is currently on view and can be seen by appointment.

To learn more about Tariqa and Martyr Sauce, check out her website.

Olivia Ragazzi is a student of art history, artist, and Capitol Hill resident. She is a Content Contributor at Artist Trust.