Artists Supporting Artists: Adam Jabari Jefferson

Published: April 15, 2020

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Adam Jabari Jefferson is a media artist, a 2018 Artist Trust GAP recipient, and a donor to The COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund. Adam is one of many artists supporting other artists through this crisis, and we are inspired by his generosity. We spoke with him about where he is finding hope and inspiration as an artist moving through this crisis.  

“Donating, for me, is a seed. I am an artist whose livelihood is impacted by COVID-19. And I know that I am not alone. Empathy and generosity given will return. We’ll get through this together.  

Art is a collaborative process, regardless of medium. We take inspiration, input, insights from one another. And art, for artists and art-lovers alike, is a balm in difficult times. Support for artists is support for healing. Funds like the Artist Trust relief mean that artists can continue to create, to support our families, to successfully practice social distancing while we move through this crisis.  

I hope some amazing creations emerge from this time. I hope we will find new and innovative ways to teach art, practice creating, and collaborate. When we emerge on the other side, I hope that society at large understands how essential art is. I hope new artists emerge because they’ve had time to explore their creative voice. 

Right now, my infant daughter gives me the most hope. She doesn’t know what is going on in the world. She remains curious, silly, fearless. She keeps growing and learning and changing. She reminds me what is most important in and out of hard times.” 

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