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Ai-Chun Huang

County: Snohomish County




Grants for Artists' Progress (GAP) 2023
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Ai-Chun Huang is an interdisciplinary artist with master degree of fine arts and over 10 years of art practicing experience, dealing with multi media such as digital installation, animations and drawings, and having many exhibitions in Taiwan, USA, South Korea, France. Ai-Chun Huang also has several art residencies in Taiwan and USA. Her artworks also received several international awards, such as Red Dot design awards, Jing Shan Classic, Cultural & Creative Arts Award, and Fulbright grantee. She transforms those life sceneries from her journey into poetic pictures, and also combines with her life growth context into her artworks. She is interested to collect meaningful life moments images, videos and audios, putting into her experimental animations. She chooses ” video poem” to record her life scenarios, therefore. she makes digital animations from her hand-drawings, or uses collage skills to put the metaphors into the story. As an Asian immigrant, her animation creates poetic metaphor and descriptive context with contemporary cultural images of Asian family, especially interpretation from the female role. Recently, she was also selected to join the public art projects an worked with local community in Seattle. You can see her public art in Green lake park and Jefferson park. She is also a mother of two kids, and gets lots of art inspirations from them. As a nomad artist roaming around the world, she will keep recording her life journey through her artistic eyes, and looking back at what she came from, and where she is standing now.

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Image: Al Gilliom, 2022 GAP; PC: Ricky Osborne


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