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Al Gilliom

County: Mason County




Grants for Artists' Progress (GAP) 2022
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Al Gilliom (he/him/his) creates vulnerable, evocative, heartfelt solo piano music that invites listeners on a co-created journey.  

Al’s vocal cords were damaged in a surgery when he was a baby and he learned how to play piano before he could speak. The piano awakened something inside of him. Music allows Al to take his life experiences and translate them into a universal medium – sound.  

In the face of adversity, music facilitates hope. Al’s compositions explore loss, grief, connection, healing and joy. Through teaching piano and sharing his compositions, AI continually discovers the ability to ignite these feelings in others. 5 years ago, Al released an improvisatory solo piano album, ‘A Place Of Peace’. As he’s grown and changed as a person and a musician, the stories that have burst forth from his fingers and onto his recent album, ‘The Light In Dark Spaces’, are unlike any he’s recorded before.  

He is currently composing a full length album that shares his experiences through the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Al currently lives in Olympia, WA. In addition to making music, AI enjoys tending to his small homestead farm (with goats and chickens), cooking delicious gluten-free meals, trying not to kill his houseplants and reading paperback books. 

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Image: Al Gilliom, 2022 GAP; PC: Ricky Osborne


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