Allan Packer

County: King County




Award Recipient 2004, 2009
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Fellowship Awards 2004
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Allan Packer received his MFA from the University of Tennessee. His figurative, ingeniously designed sculpture has been exhibited widely, including two recent solo shows at Davidson Gallery in Seattle. Allan has also exhibited at The Denver Art Museum and Ramnarine Gallery (NYC) among other venues. He has previously received two Artist Trust GAP Awards, a Bill True and Mark Halperin Award, and recently a New Work residency at The Banff Center. His use of the Sprue grid in recent large-scale sculptures provides for a system that allows his work to adeptly reference politics, science, and history. In 2008, Allan exhibited his work at The Front Room in Brooklyn, New York.

Allan received 2009 GAP Award funding for materials purchased to bring completion to a sculpture. The work, titled The Transformation of Existence and Property in Space and Time – Ka Ba Akh, follows in the pattern of his work in referencing a scientific device, a mathematical equation, or a culturally-specific structure or belief in generating the conceptual basis of his pieces. The cryogenic apparatus is to be represented by a machine cast sarcophagus suspending an encapsulated translucent body casting.

Allan received 2004 GAP Award funding to cover the expenses while completing a series of “Vacuum Form Prints” in an edition of 25 each. A hybridization of printmaking and sculpture, these prints will utilize vacuum form plastic to produce limited edition prints in bas-relief. These two prints will be part of a new series entitled Diorama, and “each vacuum form print is an exact three dimensional topographic depiction of an historical geographical site, defined by its longitudinal and latitudinal axis.”

Allan also received a 2001 GAP Award.