Allison Van Dyck

County: King County



Award Recipient 2005, 2008
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Allison Van Dyck received 2008 GAP Award funding to support the production of The Snow Project, a performance integrating dance, sound, video, and light effects abstractly based on the scientific nature of snow. It will take place on an interactive stage at the Lawrimore Project, a gallery in downtown Seattle. Performers will interact with the set in different ways during the performance: contact mics will pick up dancer’s impacts, LED balls will rain through the air and the paper floor will be ripped up to reveal reflective mylar that scatters flickers of light throughout the gallery. Allison will artistically direct the entire process of realizing this show, including choreography, lights, costumes, and set design.

Allison received 2005 GAP Award funding to offset artist fees and lighting design costs associated with FLUX·X, an evening-length performance/installation of dance and video. “I am interested in how we evolve through cycles of repetition as individuals.” She has shown her work at Velocity Main Space Theater, On the Boards, Seattle Art Museum, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, and Consolidated Works, among other venues.