Bill Moyer



Grants for Artist Projects 2000, 2004
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Bill Moyer received a 2004 GAP to offset artist fees for the production of Hotel Study, a performance piece debuted in late March of this year as part of the Composer/Choreographer Performance Series at Velocity Dance Center, Seattle. The production, a collaborative work between Moyer and choreographer Laura Curry, is presented to the audience as a three-dimensional, 360-degree performance. “Hotel Study explores the dichotomy of personal and public space through the context of a hotel room. Temporary occupants inhabit a space that is, over time, simultaneously shared by many.” An installed “hotel room” is defined by fluorescent tubing which provides the environment that the dancers then inhabit. Sonic accompaniment provided by Moyer helps to individuate the inhabitants and place them within a shared physical context.

Bill also received a 2000 GAP.

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