Bryan Schoneman

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Award Recipient 2011
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Bryan Schoneman’s (Seattle) multi-disciplinary work includes sculpture, performance, video, printing and drawing. His practice oftentimes blurs the boundaries between these media. Bryan studied at a private atelier under Jeff Watts for two years and worked full-time as curator and art teacher at the Cheri Blackerby gallery/Studio, a fine arts program for adults with developmental disabilities. Bryan received the 2010 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award from the International Sculpture Center. He received his Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from the University of Washington.

Bryan was awarded a solo show at 4Culture in downtown Seattle, WA for July 2012. He used his 2011 GAP funding for researching, developing and making work for this show. Called Attempts at Bedrock, this collection of work engaged his own body and surrogate objects in a performance-based practice that revolves around the central theme of displacement. Nine sculptures were constructed from pigmented dirt, encased within wood scaffolding and imbedded with plant seeds. Over the run of the show, germination activated the dirt forms, which then began to deconstruct.