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C. Andrew Rohrmann

County: King County




Grants for Artist Projects 2011
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Like a painter needs paint and brushes, Andrew Rohrmann needs a steady influx of mediums with which to experiment. His 2011 GAP funding will thus go toward these two areas: equipment purchases for a videography rig, and for materials purchased for the subject matter. Undone is an experiment in ambient cinema. Macro video footage is married with sparse text to form a loosely narrative tale of the birth, existence, and death of the physical universe. The process for realizing the macro imagery is quite specialized and involves a considerable amount of experimentation, both in terms of the method of videography and with the subject matter itself. The rig itself is a specially mounted camera and lens (currently rented) and high powered light table that is continually being modified for the specialized circumstances. The subject matter itself requires a continual influx of materials—inks, oils, delivery mechanisms, etc.—to experiment with in order to create the unique physical and chemical reactions being filmed.

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