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Chauney Peck

County: King County



Grants for Artist Projects 2004, 2010
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Chauney Peck received 2010 GAP Award funding to develop a professional website and for the purchase of materials related to her new works New Chance Sculptures, which were originally inspired by an exhibit of traditional African fetish objects. She made chance sculptures that borrowed from their visual vocabulary of wrapping, carving, accumulating, and covering, transforming everyday found objects with layers of plaster, fluorescent string, and fabric into mysterious shapes. The shift into sculpture and into a new studio presents a wonderful opportunity to use tools and techniques she has been interested in for a long time, such as making large wood sculptures and casting cement forms.

Chauney received 2004 GAP Award funding to defray material costs related to her Momento Mori II series. The work is an evolution of a recent painting project, Momento Mori: Birds, which “asks questions about the subtle and sensual aspects of death.” Priceless Works Gallery in Seattle will host Momento Mori II, a series of backlit paintings on semi-opaque vinyl, in an upcoming exhibit.

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