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Che Sehyun

County: King County




Fellowship Awards 2016
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Che Sehyun is an emerging Korean/Indigenous artist that has flourished this past year when he first started playing piano and composing. After college, he naturally sought creative opportunities he never had, from break dancing and piano, to producing his original single and music video called SOBEBA, an acronym for So Breathe Easy & Be Aware. Che learns from his artist friends — musicians, photographers & videographers, his own dedicated practice and artistic drive, and, of course, the internet! Che’s artistic process comes from facing the uncomfortable realities of our globalized world, understanding his gift and purpose, and honoring those who came before and those who will come after. Che believes in love, in creation, and in his elders and ancestors. He creates art to reflect and engage the community, politics, and consciousness of our time. He seeks to live out the beautiful way of life one could call the ‘Indigenous Mind.”

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