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Christine Wallers

Christine Wallers Profile Photo
2005 GAP Award
King County



Sea Level, fine gauge wire, 24ft x 17ft x 4", 2005. Suyama Space, Seattle, WA.

Alchemy, Old San Ysidro Church, Corrales, NM, 2000.

Red Shift, Locker Plant, Chinati Foundation, Marfa, TX, 2002.

Christine Wallers received a 2005 GAP to purchase materials for her upcoming installation Sea Level at Suyama Space in Seattle. Her installation will be comprised of thousands of fine-gauge wires stretched parallel to the floor at varying levels to form a three-dimensional plane just above the surface, thereby creating a sense of transition between mass and movement that can be viewed from different angles. “This piece marks a transition from my previous work with more dramatic desert light, to the subtle, jewel-like quality of northwest coastal light,” says the artist.

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