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Clyde Petersen

County: King County




GAP Award 2013
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Arts Innovator Award 2014
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Clyde Petersen is a Northwest artist, working in the fields of visual art, animation, music and adventure. His television series Boating with Clyde features musicians performing on the local waterways. Throughout the years, he has traveled the world, creating many animated music videos, rock and roll records and large scale festivals and installations. He is a transgender activist, a lover of country music and a product of the 1990’s Northwest DIY scene. Clyde is currently animating his feature film, Torrey Pines.

Clyde received a 2013 GAP to for supplies and time to create additional animated films for the show, Gender Failure. Gender Failure exposes failed attempts to fit into the gender binary, and ultimately shows how the gender binary fails us all. Projecting hand-drawn and stop-motion animated films throughout a 90-minute live show, Clyde’s animations give place to the main characters’ fantasies and fears.

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