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Cynthia Camlin

County: Skagit County




GAP 2015
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Cynthia Camlin received an MFA from the University of Texas, a BA from Duke University, an MA from the University of Virginia, and has attended Yale University as a post-baccalaureate student. She is an associate professor at Western Washington University.

Cynthia received 2015 GAP funding to help with her trip to the Columbia Glacier. This location lends itself well to ideal observation, sketching and photography. The trip will provide Cynthia with a first-time experience in a northern climate and a firsthand experience of a marine glacier and iceberg. Cynthia is excited to discover the ways that sight, sound, smell, filtering through the material painting process, will enter into her work after this travel.

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Image: Al Gilliom, 2022 GAP; PC: Ricky Osborne


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