Darren Higgins

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Award Recipient 2003
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Darren Higgins (Seattle) received a 2003 GAP to help defray research costs for an ongoing story collection organized around the activity and idea of walking. “What I’m exploring is the activity itself, the way our experience of a landscape is shaped by our passing through it and the way the landscape, in turn, shapes us. I’ve always been struck by our complex responses to different settings (wilderness areas, rural expanses, cities, small towns) and intrigued by the way architecture and design have been employed to provide pleasure (e.g., Olmstead’s urban parks) and to provoke fear and awe (e.g., Speer’s plan for Germania).” GAP funding will help Higgins further explore the wealth of landscapes, built and natural, in the Puget Sound region and complement his outings with books and related texts.