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Donna Stack

County: Kittitas County



Grants for Artist Projects 2004, 2007
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Donna Stack received 2007 GAP Award funding to purchase a consumer-grade 3CCD camcorder and materials to produce an installation titled Lot’s Wife. The work will deal with issues of authenticity and letting go by using the parable of Lot’s Wife, who was transformed into a pillar of salt because she could not resist looking back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The artist finds parallels in her own bi-cultural heritage and ponders how looking back can also consume one.

Donna received 2004 GAP Award funding to enable the purchase of a digital video camera and other materials necessary to complete a trilogy of video pieces revolving around her Asian heritage and how she has felt the need to “reinforce and authenticate ‘Asian-ness’.” Influenced by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Princess and the Pea and Edward Said’s Orientalism, she intends to create “a body of work that revolves around the pea and the idea of real(ness), whiles still incorporating an Asian aesthetic.”

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