Eva Skold-Westerlind

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Website: http://evaskoldwesterlind.com/



Award Recipient 2007
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Eva Skold-Westerlind (Kirkland) received 2007 GAP Award funding to print 25 images of her Anableps series to be displayed June 28-August 18, 2007 at G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle and the Swedish Museum in the spring of 2008. Eva also plans to create a small edition of artist books to be displayed alongside the Anableps series. She attempts to illustrate the mysterious beauty of light meeting water’s surface. Named after the four-eyed fish that may view both the surface and interior of a body of water simultaneously, Anableps is an open challenge to the traditional fine art landscape. In 2008, Eva Skold-Westerlind exhibited her work at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago.

Eva also received a 2001 GAP Award.