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Ian Campbell

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2016 GAP Award
King County



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RSVR, Spring 2016. Tony Archie Kim - RSVR - Location: Seattle.

#CAP_HILL_IS, Summer 2015. image crediting:: RSVR - Location: Seattle.

Second Nature, Ongoing . RSVR - Location: North Cascades National Park.

Ian Campbell is an installation artist and designer, based in Seattle, WA. Ian grew up in rural Arkansas receiving his degree in architecture from the University of Arkansas – Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2008. Ian has traveled around the world studying art, architecture, and design with resident programs in Italy, Mexico, Denmark, and Iceland. His work is informed by the continual exploration of light, the process of making, and the formation of collective memories. Ian believes that every investigation and subsequent product offers an opportunity to explore the creative process with the aim of producing site-specific installations that enhance sensation, generate spectacle, and invite personal engagement.

Ian is receiving 2016 GAP funding to assist in progressing an ongoing six-year project entitled Second Nature. Second Nature is a landscape scale lighting installation that explores our collective unconscious by revealing the unseen — the often invisible imaginative experiences, and memories which exist in our minds. The genesis of Second Nature was originally developed in 2011 while Ian was serving as artist in residence for the U.S. National Park Service in Washington State. Over the subsequent years, he has continued development and refinement of Second Nature and now has long term installation opportunity in the dramatic, remote landscapes of the Westfjords region of Iceland.

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