Jami Sieber

County: All

Website: http://www.jamisieber.com



Award Recipient 2006
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Jami Sieber (Bremerton) received 2006 GAP Award funding to assist with the completion of The Equus Project, a collaborative project by the composer that places dancers and equine partners in close proximity and encourages the performers to engage the instinctive behavior of their equine partner. Much of the piece will take place in 30 x 30’ round pens and will capture the intimate, and often unpredictable nature of creating performance work with human performers and horses. Jami will perform electric cello throughout the duration of the piece, in addition to creating sung and spoken text that will illuminate the choreographic process as it unfolds between dancer and horse. The performance is scheduled for August 2006 in Lewiston, Maine.

Jami also received a 1994 GAP Award.